Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Myohyangsan

International Friendship Exhibition

This exhibition hosts a massive display of gifts given to Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un. Housed in a mountainside vault that is vaguely reminiscent of a Bond villain's hideout, on display is everything fr…
Top Choice Tomb in Kaesong

Tomb of King Kongmin

The 31st Koryo king, Kongmin reigned between 1352 and 1374 and his tomb is the best preserved and most elaborate in the country. It is richly decorated with traditional granite facing and statuary, including sheep s…
Top Choice Korean in Pyongyang

Lamb Barbecue Restaurant

The Lamb Barbecue Restaurant has some of the friendliest and most boisterous staff in the country, and once the delicious lamb barbecue has been served at your table the waitresses will burst into song and encourage…
Top Choice Korean in Pyongyang

Pyongyang Number One Duck Barbeque

Pyongyang Number One Duck Barbeque is one of the best places in town and will often be where groups go on their last evening. Here you’ll be served delicious strips of duck meat you cook at your table.
Market in Rajin-Sonbong

Rajin Market

Tours here usually take in this fascinating, modern market, the only one in the country tourists are allowed to visit. Sadly, however, photography is not allowed here at all, and this rule is strictly enforced. It's…
Area in Kaesong


The sad sight of a divided nation remains one of the most poignant aspects of any trip to North Korea. Even if you're just in North Korea for a couple of days, almost every tour includes a trip to the DMZ. Seeing th…
Volcano in Paekdusan


Paekdu, one of the most stunning sights on the Korean peninsula, straddles the Chinese–Korean border in the very far northeastern tip of DPRK. Apart from being the country's highest mountain at 2744m (9000ft), and a…
Square in Pyongyang

Kim Il-sung Square

Pyongyang’s central square is where North Korea’s massive military parades normally take place. The plaza is ringed by austere-looking buildings: most impressive of these is the Grand People’s Study House, the count…
Tomb in Pyongyang

Tomb of Tan'gun

History continues to evolve in North Korea, with new 'revolutionary discoveries' being made every year. While the government announced in 1993 that its archaeologists had discovered the tomb of Tan'gun, the founder …
Area in Pyongyang


Located 8km from the centre of Pyongyang, Mangyongdae has long been a destination for day trippers from the capital, due to its idyllic setting amid the gentle hills where the Sunhwa River flows into the Taedong. Th…