Department Store in Pyongyang

Kwangbok Supermarket

Notable as the venue for Kim Jong Il's final public appearance, this multi-storey department store stocks a good range of mostly imported goods, but also a good amount of local produce. You can roam freely inside, c…
Books in Pyongyang

book shops

There are good book shops at both the Yanggakdo and Koryo Hotels and the Foreign Language Bookshop is the best in the city.
Department Store in Pyongyang

Department stores

Department stores can often be visited if the guides agree, and they can be a fascinating insight into what's available. You'll no doubt be taken to the most elite of stores, however, so don't expect to see many oth…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Pyongyang

Korea International Tourist Service Souvenir Shop

Korea International Tourist Service (KITS) has opened a new souvenir shop opposite the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, although it's full of what KITS think foreigners want: twee souvenirs and tradition…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Pyongyang

Korea Stamp

Next door to the Koryo Hotel is Korea Stamp, a good place to buy North Korean stamps (spectacular propaganda pieces). T-shirts and postcards are also on sale.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Pyongyang

souvenir shops

For a supposedly communist country North Korea is littered with souvenir shops - every Pyongyang site has a small booth selling books, postcards and other trinkets. Many tourists have expressed an interest in purcha…
Art in Pyongyang

Mansudae Art Studio

Art is another popular purchase in Pyongyang. The Mansudae Art Studio is a centralised art studio employing thousands of painters, embroiderers and sculptors. There’s a large selection of socialist realist art avail…
Department Store in Pyongyang

Ragwon (Paradise) Department Store

A department store that tourists are often taken to visit.
Department Store in Pyongyang

Department Store Number One

The city’s busiest department store is sadly off-limits to foreigners.
Books in Pyongyang

Foreign Language Bookshop

The best-stocked bookshop in the city.