Top Choice Korean in Pyongyang

Pyongyang Number One Duck Barbeque

Pyongyang Number One Duck Barbeque is one of the best places in town and will often be where groups go on their last evening. Here you’ll be served delicious strips of duck meat you cook at your table.
Top Choice Korean in Pyongyang

Lamb Barbecue Restaurant

The Lamb Barbecue Restaurant has some of the friendliest and most boisterous staff in the country, and once the delicious lamb barbecue has been served at your table the waitresses will burst into song and encourage…
Korean in Pyongyang

Chongryu Hotpot Restaurant

The Chongryu Hotpot Restaurant is nearly always on the itinerary. It’s a pleasant place where you make your own hotpot dish on little individual gas stoves. There’s a second branch of this restaurant housed in a boa…
Korean in Pyongyang

National Restaurant

The National Restaurant is a camp and damp experience due to fake grass on the ceiling and a basement setting respectively. The food here is good, though, and there's a popular live show.
Korean in Pyongyang


Okryu, one of the city’s best-known restaurants, is a recently renovated faux-traditional structure on the riverside that’s famed for its cold noodles and very popular with locals. For this reason it’s not usually o…
Korean in Pyongyang

Pyongyang Number One Boat Restaurant

Pyongyang Number One Boat Restaurant is moored off Kim Il Sung Sq, and although we've heard stories of it cruising the Taedong for an hour during a meal, it's been stationary whenever we've eaten here. Eating is on …
Korean in Pyongyang

Pyongyang Ostrich Farm

Finally the Pyongyang Ostrich Farm just outside the city has a restaurant serving (you guessed it) ostrich. It's a surreal spot for lunch if your group is on a trip there.
Cafe in Pyongyang


Pyulmori is a refreshingly well-run joint-venture restaurant, coffee shop and bar. You can get decent food, coffee and excellent cake here, and in the evenings it’s a popular bar and something of an expat hang-out (…
Korean in Pyongyang

Random Access Club

The Random Access Clubs in the diplomatic quarter of Munsudong are popular, but there's no way tourists can go to these, whatever diplomats may tell you.
Korean in Pyongyang

TV Tower

The TV Tower has a great restaurant at the top with some breath-taking views over the city. It's a popular lunchtime stop.