Top things to do

Factory in Hamhung

Hungnam Fertiliser Factory

The Hungnam Fertiliser Factory can sometimes be visited, where you will be shown how ammonia is made deep inside an enormous industrial complex that hasn't changed much since it was built the 1960s. The visit usuall…
Historic Building in Hamhung

Home of Ryi Song Gye

An impressive complex of historic buildings set in attractive gardens, to which a particularly lewd tale is attached – apparently the pavilion in the garden was built with very steep stairs to allow Ri and his frien…
Theatre in Hamhung

Hamhung Grand Theatre

The largest theatre in the country, this striking edifice is, sadly, viewable only from the outside unless there's a performance on – a rare but truly memorable occasion.
Monument in Hamhung

Kim Il-sung & Kim Jong-il Statues

A statue of Kim Jong-il was added next to that of his father following the former's death in 2011.