North Korea entertainment

Live Performance in Pyongyang

Mass Games

The long-running Arirang Mass Games, the story of Korea’s history performed by over 100,000 incredibly well-coordinated schoolchildren, was finally retired in 2012 and a new show started at the May Day Stadium in 20…
Cinema in Pyongyang

Taedongmun Cinema

Dating from 1955, this famous cinema with a notable neoclassical facade has two screens and is considered Pyongyang's most prestigious movie theatre. If you're lucky you may be taken here to see a North Korean film,…
Cinema in Pyongyang

Pyongyang International Cinema

The Pyongyang International Cinema is a six-screen complex on Yanggak Island, near the Yanggakdo Hotel. The biennial Pyongyang Film Festival is held here every September in even-numbered years.
Stadium in Pyongyang

Kim Il-sung Stadium

Football matches are played here and a schedule is posted on a board outside the stadium (keep an eye out for it if you want to go to a game).
Theatre in Pyongyang

People's Theatre

The People's Theatre, which opened in 2012, is an impressively modern theatre that stages some of the most prestigious spectacles in the city.
Theatre in Pyongyang

East Pyongyang Grand Theatre

Performs North Korean musical-theatre classics such as The Flower Girl and A Daughter of the Party.
Live Performance in Pyongyang

Mansudae Art Theatre

A popular Pyongyang theatre where revolutionary opera, musical and dance performances are held.
Live Performance in Pyongyang

Pyongyang Grand Theatre

Stages North Korean musical classics and drama.
Theatre in Pyongyang

Moranbong Theatre

A popular Pyongyang drama theatre.