Thai in Lagos

Bangkok Restaurant

With the best Thai food in Lagos, the Bangkok is a treat. The cooks and waitresses are all Thai, and offer you a broad menu of fragrantly spiced dishes. Portions are very generous, and if you can't finish your meal,…
African in Lagos

Ikoyi Hotel Suya

Lagosians claim the best suya in town can be found at the stall outside the Ikoyi Hotel. Not just beef and goat, but chicken, liver and kidney, plus some great fiery pepe (pepper) to spice it all up.
Seafood in Lagos

Lobster Pot

Next to Michael's Guesthouse, the Lobster Pot is the place to come for seafood. There's a wide selection, with the house speciality - lobster of course - worth a splurge.
Indian in Lagos


Vegetarians suffer a lot in Nigeria, but this Indian restaurant really comes to the rescue. With tasty and filling portions at good prices, the Sherlaton is generally considered to be the city's best curry option.
Vegetarian in Lagos

Bombay Palace

Vegetarians suffer in Nigeria, but this Indian restaurant comes to the rescue. With tasty and filling portions at good prices, this is a great option. It's on the top floor of the Victoria Palace Hotel.
Bakery in Lagos


This place labels itself primarily as a patisserie, but it also serves up proper meals throughout the day. Breakfasts of pancakes or bacon are good, as are the pizzas, and the club sandwiches with salad and chips ar…
Pizzeria in Ibadan

Pancho Vino

African in Calabar

K's Court

An open-air chophouse and bar, this place gets going later in the day. It serves up fiery bowls of cow-leg soup with plantain, and once that's gone, pushes back the tables and cranks up the music to dance the weeke…
African in Kano


If you want to eat like a local, head here. The 'special plate' has a bit of everything in a serving, but also try northern specialities like miyan taushe (pumpkin-seed soup) and tuwo shunkafa (pounded rice), washed…
Indian in Kano

Spice Food

If you've been craving some vegetarian food, this fantastic Indian restaurant will answer your prayers (meat dishes are also served) and the owner loves talking to backpackers.