Lagos in detail

Getting Around

Traffic in Lagos is legendary – and it's not getting any better – especially with occasional governmental edicts outlawing okada, small (and sometimes unsafe) motorcycles that are your best best for skirting the 'go-slow'.

A taxi costs from N4000 to reach Lagos Island. Always allow way more time than you think to get to the airport when catching a flight. There are no airport buses.

Arriving in Lagos can be complicated and you may be dropped at one of several motor parks – Oshodi, Yaba and Oju Elegba Junction are the likeliest candidates. Minibuses run from these to more central points, such as Obalende Motor Park on Lagos Island.

Yellow minibuses (danfos; fares N70 to N250 according to distance) serve points all over Lagos – prices increase when you cross a bridge from one part of Lagos to another. Yellow private taxis start at N500.

Keke napep (motorised tricycles that can carry three passengers) are useful for short-distance travel and have replaced the services previously provided by okada. Fares from N100.

A decent, cheap option to avoid traffic, the official city Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses have routes that stretch from Lagos Island to the mainland. Buy tickets (N70 to N150) at terminals scattered around Lagos. Boarding may require waiting in long queues.