Lagos in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

Contrary to popular perception, violent crime has decreased in recent years. Most crime against foreigners targets expats in expensive cars, and travellers are unlikely to encounter any serious problems. Still, never carry more money than is necessary and avoid flaunting valuables and walking outside at night – particularly around hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners.

Police Stations

Internet Access

Internet cafes are everywhere and cost upwards from N200 per hour. Most upscale restaurants and cafes also have wi-fi.

Bogobiri House Have lunch here for a fast connection.

Cafe Royale Satisfy your sweet tooth and wireless needs at this bakery-restaurant.

Mega Plaza Internet


ATMs are ubiquitous. GTB bank is the most reliable for foreign cards. At moneychangers, high denomination bills trade at a much better rate.

Changing Money

Find exchange bureaus at Alade Market on the mainland, or outside Federal Palace and Eko Meridien hotels on Victoria Island.