Top things to do in Kano

Cultural in Kano


Held annually just after the end of Ramadan (exact dates vary), is the Kano Durbar – the biggest and best festival of its kind in Nigeria. It includes an exquisite cavalry procession featuring ornately dressed men a…
African in Kano


If you want to eat like a local, head here. The 'special plate' has a bit of everything in a serving, but also try northern specialities like miyan taushe (pumpkin-seed soup) and tuwo shunkafa (pounded rice), washed…
Museum in Kano

Gidan Makama Museum

Stands on the site of the original emir's palace (the modern one sits opposite) and is a wonderful example of traditional Hausa architecture. The museum has a fascinating photographic history of Kano, and displays o…
Market in Kano

Kurmi Market

With thousands of stalls in a 16-hectare area, Kurmi Market is one of the largest markets in Africa and is the city's main attraction. It's a centre for African crafts, including gold, bronze and silver work, and al…
Landmark in Kano

Kofar Dye Pits

Away from the throng are the Kofar Dye Pits, where indigo cloth has been dyed for hundreds of years. Finished cloth is for sale, starting from around N1500 according to the design.
Indian in Kano

Spice Food

If you've been craving some vegetarian food, this fantastic Indian restaurant will answer your prayers (meat dishes are also served) and the owner loves talking to backpackers.
Chinese in Kano


This Chinese restaurant has a better-than-average selection of dishes, all cooked and served efficiently. Alcohol is served.
Museum in Kano

Gidan Dan Hausa

A museum in a beautifully restored traditional house showcasing regional crafts and ceremonial costumes.
African in Kano