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$400 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Lagos to Suspended Lake of Ado Awaye 2-Day Private Tour

Your tour starts from Lagos, where you will take a trip to Oyo State day to the tourist site, Ado Awaye, the suspended Lake on a mountain in Oyo.  Light refreshments will be served on the road trip, drinks and bottled water, also. You will climb high into the sky to explore a lake on a mountain and other amazing sites. The lake is called the Suspended Lake of Ado Awaye. The Mountain has over 7 major attractions. You will explore all of them. Then, you will proceed to Ibadan for dinner and check into your respective hotel rooms. The following day, after breakfast, you will check out another interesting site in Ibadan called Agodi Parks.  Agodi Gardens, as people call it, now wears a new look and bears a new name. The once abandoned tourist site is now a resort of international standard with features that are normal around the world. The features include a park with now domesticated animals, two standard swimming pools, a children's play park with a variety of games, a functioning restaurant and bar, a lake and large expanse of land from which you return to Lagos.Highlights of the trip:- Mountain climbing - A chance to explore The Suspended Lake of Ado Awaye and other fascinating landmarks - A visit to Agodi Parks- Transport available - Hotel - Tour Guides - Entry fees included.

$600 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-Day Ikogosi Warmspring Tour from Lagos

The Ikogosi Warm Springs is a tourist attraction in southwestern Nigeria. Flowing abreast the warm spring is another cold spring which meets the warm spring at a confluence, each maintaining its thermal properties. This attributes makes the springs a tourist attraction in Nigeria.Research suggested that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence. There have been a lot of tales about how the warm spring came to be. One of such was told of a great hunter with two wives, and one of his wives was said to be temperamental while the other was a quiet woman. One day, the two wives had a fight and after being rebuked by their husband, the temperamental wife changed to the warm spring while the quiet one turned to the cold spring. DAY ONE (L/D) – Depart Lagos for Ibadan. We make a stop in Ibadan to visit the zoo. The Ibadan Zoo is one of a few remaining zoos in Nigeria that can boast of a good collection of wildlife including lions, giraffe, ostriches, chimpanzees, geese, crocodiles and of course reptiles. We have lunch in a popular eatery and then visit the revamped Agodi Gardens.Then we pass night in an hotel in Ibadan. DAY TWO (B/L/D)– We depart Ibadan for Ikogosi. Enroute to Ikogosi we make an exciting stop at the famous Olumirin Waterfalls. We finally check-into the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort. We enjoy a sumptuous welcome dinner before checking everyone to their different rooms.DAY THREE (B/L/D)– After Breakfast the fun begins.We explore mystical warm and cold springs, a natural phenomenon that is found only here in Ekiti State, ideally we suggest something casual. Afterwards we visit the ever flowing Arinta WaterFalls in Ipole-Iloro. We return to the resort and spend the rest of the day at leisure. DAY FOUR (B/L)– After breakfast we depart Ikogosi for Idanre Hills. Idanre Hills holds its own magical experience, a city sits between the Hills. We climb the hills to get to see the ancient settlement and also experience the lovely stream. We descend the hill to some palm wine(A local wine made from extract of a palm tree) and snacks and then head back for LagosInclusions:

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