Cultural in Oshogbo

Osun Festival

Thousands descend on Oshogbo in late August for this festival held in honour of the river goddess. Music, dancing and sacrifices form one of the centrepieces of the Yoruba cultural and spiritual year.
Cultural in Nigeria

Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival

Around mid-February, the spectacular three-day festival in Argungu is held. Possibly the most interesting in the country, the festival has sadly been cancelled for the past few years due to politics.
Cultural in Nigeria


The Islamic festival of Tabaski, 69 days after Ramadan, features colourful processions of cavalry.
Religious in Nigeria


Some of the most elaborate festivals are the celebrations in northern Nigeria (particularly in Kano, Zaria and Katsina) for important Islamic holidays. Ramadan can be a tiring time to travel in the north – head for …
Cultural in Calabar

Calabar Festival

Calabar hosts a festival throughout December with concerts from national and international stars scheduled closer to Christmas. The highlight of the festival is the cultural masquerade carnival when tens of thousand…
Cultural in Benin City

Igue Festival

Held in Benin City, usually in the first half of December, this festival has traditional dances, a mock battle and a procession to the palace to reaffirm loyalty to the oba. It marks the harvest of the first new yam…
Cultural in Lagos

Eyo Festival

Held in Lagos, this festival is a large Yoruba masquerade organised to commemorate the life of a recently passed spiritual leader.
Cultural in Kano


Held annually just after the end of Ramadan (exact dates vary), is the Kano Durbar – the biggest and best festival of its kind in Nigeria. It includes an exquisite cavalry procession featuring ornately dressed men a…