Top Choice Museum in Lagos

Kalakuta Republic Museum

Legendary musician Fela Kuti's former house and revolutionary headquarters is now a fascinating museum with everything intact from Fela's bedroom to his underwear. Breath deep and you may even catch a high.
Top Choice Gallery in Lagos

Nike Art Gallery

One of Nigeria's most important artists, Nike Davies-Okundaye, runs this enormous gallery full of contemporary and traditional Nigerian arts. Nike herself is practically an incarnation of love and beauty, which is r…
Museum in Lagos

National Museum

The National Museum is definitely worth seeing, but note - no cameras are allowed. The star attractions are the brasses from Benin City, which get their own gallery. The Nok Terracottas are also well represented. An…
National Park in Nigeria

Yankari National Park

Yankari is Nigeria's best park for observing wildlife. With a bit of luck you may come across buffaloes, waterbucks, bushbucks, hyenas, leopards, plenty of baboons and the odd lion. While the park's animal populatio…
Forest in Oshogbo

Osun Sacred Forest

The Sacred Forest is a large area of rainforest on the outskirts of Oshogbo. Within the forest is the beautiful Shrine of Oshuno, the River Goddess. In addition to natural beauty, there are many stunning sculptures …
Museum in Benin City

National Museum

Museum in Calabar

Calabar Museum

Housed in the beautiful old British governor's building overlooking the river, the museum has a fascinating collection covering Calabar's days as the Efik kingdom, the slave and palm-oil trade, and the colonial peri…
Museum in Jos

Jos National Museum

Has a superb collection of pottery, including several Nok terracotta sculptures – at over 2500 years old they're Africa's oldest figurative sculptures.
Museum in Jos

Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture

Has full-scale reproductions of buildings from each of Nigeria's major regions. On the same site as Jos National Museum.
Museum in Kano

Gidan Makama Museum

Stands on the site of the original emir's palace (the modern one sits opposite) and is a wonderful example of traditional Hausa architecture. The museum has a fascinating photographic history of Kano, and displays o…