Bank in Niamey

Eco Bank

There's a painful commission for changing a US travellers cheques, but changing cash is free. There's also a branch in Hôtel Gaweye (Ave Mitterrand) which offers credit card advances (2% commission).

Exchange in Niamey


The best option for painlessly changing travellers cheques (1.6% commission), euros, US dollars and pounds sterling. Visa cash advances available at a cost. Western Union transfers are also available.

Cultural Centre in Niamey

Centre Culturel Franco-Nigérien

Besides the library there's a busy schedule of lectures, exhibits, dance and theatre. It also screens excellent films on various days at 20:30, and offers Internet access.

Telephone in Niamey

Grande Poste

Home to Niamey's poste restante sevice and there's a handy and free 'fax restante' service.

Tourist Information in Niamey


Besides dusty brochures, you'll get little help here.