Bank in Niamey

Eco Bank

There's a painful commission for changing a US travellers cheques, but changing cash is free. There's also a branch in Hôtel Gaweye (Ave Mitterrand) which offers credit card advances (2% commission).
Exchange in Niamey


The best option for painlessly changing travellers cheques (1.6% commission), euros, US dollars and pounds sterling. Visa cash advances available at a cost. Western Union transfers are also available.
Cultural Centre in Niamey

Centre Culturel Franco-Nigérien

Besides the library there's a busy schedule of lectures, exhibits, dance and theatre. It also screens excellent films on various days at 20:30, and offers Internet access.
Telephone in Niamey

Grande Poste

Home to Niamey's poste restante sevice and there's a handy and free 'fax restante' service.
Embassy in Niamey

Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire

Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire. Niger visa extensions available.
Dentist in Niamey


Behind the tooth-shaped entrance sits Niamey's best dentist.
Tourist Information in Niamey


Besides dusty brochures, you'll get little help here.
Internet in Niamey

Cyber @ Bebto

A handy option for those staying in west Niamey.
Tourist Information in Niamey

Satguru Travels and Tours Service

Looking for air tickets? Look no further.
Medical in Niamey

Clinique de Gamkalé

Emergency services are open 24 hours.