Niger in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

Niger is currently in the midst of political upheaval.

Almost every foreign government advises against all travel to virtually the entire country. The only exception is for travel to Niamey and a narrow band across the south, and even then most governments advise against all but essential travel.

  • Check the situation carefully before traveling to Niger.
  • Avoid demonstrations and areas popular with foreign residents.
  • Do not travel anywhere after dark.
  • Carry your passport with you at all times.
  • Do not photograph police, military or sensitive sites.

Government Travel Advice

The following government websites offer travel advisories and information on current hot spots.

  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (
  • British Foreign Office (
  • Canadian Government (
  • French Department of Foreign Affairs (
  • US State Department (

Emergency & Important Numbers

Niger's country code227

Entry & Exit Formalities

Everyone but citizens of other West African countries needs a visa.


Everyone but citizens of other West African countries needs a visa.

Further Information

Should you decide to ignore the advice of most governments and go to Niger anyway, the good news is that tourist visas are not overly hard to come by.

  • Visas are available in most neighbouring countries.
  • Allow up to two weeks for a visa to be issued.
  • Outside West Africa, Niger embassies are few and far between.


Niger is a part of the West African CFA zone. (For current exchange rates, see

New ZealandNZ$1CFA440