Top things to do

Top Choice Volcano in Masaya & Los Pueblos Blancos

Parque Nacional Volcán Masaya

Described by the Spaniards as the gates of hell, the craters that comprise Volcán Masaya National Park are the most easily accessible active volcanoes in the country. The two volcanoes at the park, Masaya and Nindir…
Top Choice Museum in Waspám & the Río Coco

Museo Auka Tangki

Don’t miss Dr Dionisio Melgara Brown’s museum, a 10-minute walk along dirt roads curving away from the river. Brown, a retired teacher, built this museum on the ground floor of his home with his own savings in order…
Top Choice National Park in Somoto

Monumento Nacional Cañon de Somoto

The Coco (or Wangki), Central America’s longest river, runs all the way to the Caribbean, but its first impression may be its most spectacular. Gushing from underground, it has carved solid rock into this 3km-long g…
Museum in Diriamba

Museo Ecológico Trópico Seco

Nicaragua’s first natural history museum (sort of), this museum offers informative, if low-budget, displays that focus primarily on the ecosystem of the Río Grande de Corazo and turtles of the Refugio de Vida Silves…
Nicaraguan in Somoto

Bar y Restaurant El Almendro

This bar-restaurant feels like something from the Wild West, but the food is actually pretty good. Choose from fish, chicken or beef in a variety of sauces served with all the usual extras.
Museum in Ticuantepe

Museo Arqueológico Municipal Raúl Rojas

The closest thing to a tourist attraction in town, this is next to the alcaldía (mayor’s office), with more than 50 stone and ceramic pieces dug up in the immediate era, plus an impressive mural of Ticuantepe c AD 1…
Nicaraguan in Ticuantepe

Restaurante Campestre Las Pitahayas

On the road into town, serving good steaks and comida típica (regional specialties) under a huge thatched roof beside a fantastic swimming pool.
Nicaraguan in Ticuantepe

Mi Viejo

This place out on the main highway has an excellent selection of steaks served in a friendly thatched-roof setting.
Seafood in Playa El Coco

Puesta del Sol

A beachfront eatery serving breakfast as well as lunchtime specials like ceviche, seafood stew and seafood risotto. There's also a children's menu. The cuisine and service are hit or miss, but the sunset views are s…
Arts & Crafts in San Juan de Limay

Taller Casco Dablia

One of the best soapstone workshops in town. Visitors are welcome to come and watch the artisans work (but call first to make sure there is someone around).They also have a room with private bathroom (US$7) availabl…