Top Choice Nicaraguan in San Carlos

Restaurante Kaoma

Just about the only full service restaurant in town, this attractively set place has old wooden floors, beamed ceilings and pleasant lake views. The extensive menu includes some excellent tender beef dishes and fish…
International in El Castillo

Lara's Planet

Nonguests are very welcome to come for a meal at Lara's Planet, where there's a gorgeous bamboo terrace overlooking the river and owner Natasha will cook from an international menu that includes burgers and several …
Nicaraguan in El Castillo

Casa de Huésped Chinandegano

The fish here is served perfectly grilled and glazed with garlic butter, garnished with a tomato salad dressed in vinegar and plated with golden tostones (fried green plantains). Tasty chicken dishes are also served…
Cafe in San Carlos

Soda La Fortaleza

This lively spot on the lakefront serves up filling breakfasts and cheap, tasty Nica dishes. In the evening it's a fantastic place from which to observe the frenetic football games, canoodling couples and dedicated …
Nicaraguan in Isla San Fernando

Pulpería Doña Juanita

With just one table on the porch outside the family shop, this is the only eating option not attached to a hotel. The menu is limited to simple Nica comida corriente (a mixed plate of typical regional foods) but it'…
Nicaraguan in El Castillo

Comedor Vanessa

Perched over the roaring rapids is one of the river’s better restaurants. It serves a variety of fish, chicken, beef and pork dishes and also pours a damn fine michelada (beer with Bloody Mary and margarita fixings)…
Nicaraguan in San Carlos

Comedor Alondra

The most popular of the row of restaurants at the bus terminal serves filling lunches to travelers and locals alike.
Pizza in San Carlos

Pizza House

This small pizzeria in the center of town does passable pizzas, which you can design yourself.
Nicaraguan in San Juan de Nicaragua

Soda El Tucán

Centrally located and easy to find, this cheery wooden diner will do just fine. The menu is simple: chicken or fish, grilled or fried, but it's one of the few places you can always find a meal in town. It also rents…