Tourist Information in Isla San Fernando

Oficina de Turismo

This tourist office by the main dock sources guides (US$15 per group) and can recommend captains for boat tours. If there's no one here, ask at the gallery up the hill.
Tourist Information in El Castillo

Oficina de Turismo

Conveniently located at the dock, El Castillo’s tourist office sources local guides for a variety of tours including treks in the Reserva Indio-Maíz and caiman-watching night tours. Ideally come here a day in advanc…
Tourist Information in San Carlos


The exceptionally friendly team here don't speak any English but they do offer very useful timetables for all transportation to/from San Carlos and plenty of travel advice for the region.
Tourist Information in San Carlos


Processes fishing licenses, technically required for all fishing on the Río San Juan, but unless you are in your own boat your captain/tour operator should organize these.
Tourist Information in San Juan de Nicaragua


A helpful local tourism office that can connect visitors with recommend guides. It should be your first port of call when arranging local activities.
Library in Isla Mancarrón

Biblioteca Ernesto Cardenal

A working library with the only internet service on the islands. Book donations are appreciated.
Tourist Information in San Carlos


Processes entry/exit formalities for those traveling along the Río Frio to Costa Rica.
Hospital in San Carlos

Hospital Felipe Moncada

About 1km north of town.
Post in San Carlos

Correos de Nicaragua

Police in San Carlos