Begin with a visit to Rama Cay, the tiny and unofficial island capital of the Rama people. Across the bay and up the Kukra River you'll find Tiktik Kaanu, a remote Rama community that's a great place to spend the night surrounded by the sounds of the jungle.

Heading out of Bahía de Bluefields through the Hone Sound passage (a turbulent gathering of breaking waves that is a true test of your captain's skills) you'll come to Monkey Point, a Rasta-influenced Creole community spread out on hillsides by the sea and surrounded by thick jungle. Here you'll find some of the best beaches on the Caribbean mainland and a fascinating yet unexplored indigenous burial site shrouded in thick foliage, which is said to be one of the country's oldest archaeological sites.

A short boat ride further south is Bankukuk, a small Rama community with fine beaches and jungle-covered headlands jutting out into the calm Caribbean Sea.

Continuing south past Punta Gorda, you'll arrive at Corn River, one of the most important waterways of the magnificent Reserva Biológica Indio-Maíz. At the river mouth you'll find a tiny Creole community, but the real attraction here is upriver, where you'll be treated to some of the best wildlife viewing in the country. The towering trees are awash with birds and monkeys and you may spot sloths or even a tapir.

Visit the Gobierno Territorial Rama-Kriol in Bluefields to arrange your trip.