Religious in San Juan Del Sur

Semana Santa

Holy Week (the week before Easter) is one of the busiest times of the year in San Juan del Sur and the surrounding area. In addition to a full range of religious pageants and processions, the beaches explode with pa…
Religious in Moyogalpa

Fiestas Patronales

Moyogalpa’s fiestas patronales, honoring the patron saint Santa Ana, are famous for the Baile de las Inditas, a celebration of both Spanish and indigenous culture. The festival includes a procession to Punta Jesús M…
Religious in San Juan Del Sur

Procession of the Virgin of Carmen

The Virgin – patron saint of fishers – is taken aboard a local ship at 2pm, placed on an altar decorated with fishing nets and poles, and sailed around the bay to bless the boats. The celebrations feature seafood an…
Religious in Altagracia

Fiestas Patronales

Altagracia’s fiestas patronales honor San Diego, whose feast day is coincidentally the same as that of Xolotl, the ancient city’s original patron deity. The party’s most famous dance, Baile del Zompopo (Dance of the…
Religious in San Jorge

Fiestas Patronales de San Jorge

April 23 is the anniversary of San Jorge’s miraculous appearance on the coast of Lago de Nicaragua. The ensuing patron-saint festival include parades, rodeos and several ceremonial dances.