Top things to do in Somoto

Top Choice National Park in Somoto

Monumento Nacional Cañon de Somoto

The Coco (or Wangki), Central America’s longest river, runs all the way to the Caribbean, but its first impression may be its most spectacular. Gushing from underground, it has carved solid rock into this 3km-long g…
Food in Somoto

Rosquillas Vilchez

This workaday backyard is where the best traditional rosquillas (crusty cornbread rings) in town are produced. Each batch is baked in one of three massive, wood-fired ovens. The ovens are lit at 2am in order to be h…
Nature Reserve in Somoto

Reserva Natural Tepesomoto-Pataste

Somoto's 'other' natural reserve, around 15km to the southwest of town, is rarely visited but has a hiking trail and is a popular spot for horseback-riding tours. The nature here is unspoiled and you are pretty much…
Nicaraguan in Somoto

Bar y Restaurant El Almendro

This bar-restaurant feels like something from the Wild West, but the food is actually pretty good. Choose from fish, chicken or beef in a variety of sauces served with all the usual extras.
Cafe in Somoto


Pull up a chair on the deck of this tranquil, open-air cafe within the leafy central park and enjoy a variety of coffees made from quality local beans. Also prepares light meals.
Church in Somoto

Iglesia Santiago

This wonderfully understated adobe church fronting the shady Parque Central was constructed in 1661, making it one of the oldest places of worship in Nicaragua.