Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Granada

The Garden Shop

A fantastic new addition to the popular Garden Café, this sustainably minded boutique offers crafts, jewelry, clothing and artwork produced through NGOs and fair-trade organizations throughout Nicaragua. Artisans fr…
Ceramics in Condega

Taller de Cerámica Ducualí Grande

This collective of women potters sells their fine work all over Nicaragua. It's located in the community of Ducualí Grande, 3km northwest of town. Any northbound bus will drop you at the intersection on the Panameri…
Food in Somoto

Rosquillas Vilchez

Prepares the best traditional rosquillas (crusty cornbread rings) in town. This local institution still prepares them the traditional way, baking each batch in one of three massive, wood-fired ovens. The ovens are l…
Arts & Crafts in Matagalpa

Telares de Nicaragua

In the Matagalpa Tours building, this fair-trade outlet sells brightly colored fiber arts from indigenous artisans in El Chile, corn-husk dolls, beaded jewelry, baskets and a selection of the smooth, black local pot…
Arts & Crafts in Granada

Doña Elba Cigars

If you aren’t heading to Estelí this trip, stop here for a cognac-cured taste of Nicaragua and a peek at the cigar-manufacturing process. You can even practice rolling a cigar.
Arts & Crafts in Jalapa

Flor de Pino

Members of this small women's cooperative weave elegant baskets from pine needles. The products are absolutely charming, as are the women who make them. Don't rush your visit here: take some time to learn a little a…
Arts & Crafts in San Juan de Limay

Taller Casco Dablia

One of the best soapstone workshops in town. Visitors are welcome to come and watch the artisans work (but call first to make sure there is someone around).They also have a room with private bathroom (US$7) availabl…
Arts & Crafts in Masatepe

Mercado de Artesanía

While Masatepe's famous furniture market features items that probably won't make it home in your backpack, the town's hallmark cane-woven rocking chairs and brightly colored cabinets are still worth checking out.
Shoes in Estelí

Calzado Figueroa

Get in touch with your inner cowboy with some genuine, handcrafted, Cuban-heel riding boots (from US$80 to US$100) at this high-quality leather workshop. Peruse the large selection or order a tailor-made pair and wa…
Mall in Managua

Plaza Inter

Adjacent to Barrio Martha Quezada, it’s convenient, with a cinema (with subtitled movies), lots of discount shops, a couple of department stores and a solid food court that's bustling with Nicaraguan families at mea…