Top things to do in San Jorge

Religious in San Jorge

Fiestas Patronales de San Jorge

April 23 is the anniversary of San Jorge’s miraculous appearance on the coast of Lago de Nicaragua. The ensuing patron-saint festival include parades, rodeos and several ceremonial dances.
Church in San Jorge

Nuestra Señor de Rescate

The most striking church in town has been repainted a brilliant purple with a mix that uses huevos de amor (fertilized chicken eggs) donated by parishioners. It’s a national historic landmark, and the destination of…
Nicaraguan in San Jorge


In town, there’s a great fritanga (grill) that sets up in the kiosk in the Parque Central – satisfying your barbecued-chicken and people-watching cravings at the same time.
Monument in San Jorge

Cruz de España

Ask your taxi driver to point out this monument, suspended from a gleaming half-arch above the traffic, which marks the spot where conquistador Gil González Dávila and Cacique Nicarao first met on October 12, 1523. …