Nicaraguan in San Carlos

Restaurant Mirador

This sweet dining spot on the lake bluffs has a stone wall fringed with antique Spanish cannons. Tasty seafood is served on the breezy patio.
Nicaraguan in San Carlos

Restaurante Kaoma

A beautiful terrace restaurant with old wooden floors, beamed ceilings and massive lake views. The extensive menu includes tender beef dishes and fish, which comes sautéed in a buttery garlic sauce or stuffed with s…
Cafe in San Carlos

Soda La Fortaleza

This lively spot on the lakefront serves up filling breakfasts and cheap, tasty Nica dishes. In the evening it's a fantastic place from which to observe the frenetic football games, canoodling couples and dedicated …
Nicaraguan in San Carlos

Restaurante Antologia

A small bar restaurant a few blocks from the market serving good value Nica meals and cold beers. The ambience is a bit lacking but the food is good.
Nicaraguan in San Carlos

Comedor Alondra

The best of the restaurants at the bus terminal serves filling lunches to travelers and locals alike.