Córdoba (C$), US dollar (US$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$35

  • Dorm bed: US$9–15
  • Typical meal: US$4
  • Museum admission: US$2
  • Local bus: US$0.15–1

Midrange: US$35–80

  • Double bed in a midrange hotel: US$20–45
  • Restaurant meal: US$10–12
  • Adventure tour: US$25–30
  • Short taxi ride: US$2–3

Top end: More than US$80

  • Double bed in a luxury hotel: US$80–120
  • Gourmet meal: US$18–22
  • Car hire: US$40–60
  • Internal flight: US$100–120


All-out haggling is not really part of Nicaraguan culture. However, a bit of bargaining over a hotel room is considered acceptable, and negotiating the price in markets or with roadside vendors is the norm.


There are two ATMs in town BanPro on the main road through town and Bancentro LAFISE just off the malecón.