Nicaragua in detail

Travel with Children

Nicaragua, like all Latin American countries, is relatively easy to travel around with children, despite the lack of infrastructure. Parents rarely pay extra for hotels, transportation or other services for youngsters small enough to fit comfortably on your lap, and even complete strangers will make an effort to entertain children.


  • Some top-end (and very few midrange) hotels will be able to arrange a cot if you ask ahead. Otherwise the assumption is that the child will share your bed or use a single.
  • Major car-rental companies can organize car seats if given enough notice, but don’t count on it or expect one at the last minute. Car seats for Nicaraguan toddlers tend to be mom’s lap.
  • Breastfeeding in public is very common and should only really be avoided in places of worship.
  • Baby formula is widely available, while disposable diapers are available in every pulpería (corner store) around the country.
  • Baby changing tables are almost nonexistent.