Ocotal to Jalapa attractions

Mountain in Ocotal to Jalapa

Cerro Mogotón

Nicaragua's highest peak, Cerro Mogotón (2107m) towers over the coffee fields of Nueva Segovia, close to the Honduran border. Once off-limits due to land mines, it is now safe to climb with a guide. The easiest acce…
Church in Ocotal to Jalapa

Santuario de los Milagros

The jewel of Ciudad Antigua is the sensational Santuario de los Milagros, with its gorgeous brick arches and enormous wooden doors. Check out the Christ figure brought from Austria. Local legend has it that any time…
Farm in Ocotal to Jalapa

Finca Ecológica Sonzapote

A large farm that grows organic shade-grown coffee and is in the transition zone between the pines and cloud forest. It has a 'tobaggon' – a butt-bruising but fun concrete slide and large natural swimming pool. Acco…
Farm in Ocotal to Jalapa

Finca Ecológica La Reforma

A remote farm set in the pines, laced with trails and split by a crystalline river flush with swimming holes. It offers accommodations in a pair of rustic cabañas.
Museum in Ocotal to Jalapa

Museo Segoviano

This tiny and rather sorry looking museum just off the Parque Central has some pre-Columbian pottery, ancient wine goblets and other colonial treasures that the pirates overlooked when sacking the town. It also hold…