Top Choice Italian in Matagalpa

La Vita é Bella

This local institution serves up flavorful authentic Italian dishes at low prices in a relaxed bistro atmosphere. The thin-crust pizza is some of the best in Nicaragua and the pasta dishes are also full of flavor. V…
Top Choice Bakery in Jinotega

La Casa de Don Colocho

A bakery every town would love. The cinnamon rolls are dense and sugary and the pineapple triangles are addictive – and those are just two of the dozens of items this place turns out daily. The ovens begin to open a…
Nicaraguan in Estelí

Restaurante Tipiscayán

The family of San Juan de Limay soapstone sculptor Freddy Moreno serves good-quality traditional fare, including great quesadillas and Nica-style tacos in an elegant space full of art. Also serves good coffee and tr…
Cuban in Estelí

Rincón Pinareño

A tasty Cuban diner with a lovely 2nd-floor veranda serving deliciously messy pressed sandwiches, tasty smoked chicken, pork chops and ribs. Also a popular spot for dessert.
Steak in Matagalpa

El Pullaso

Matagalpinos love beef and it's no surprise that their steakhouse of choice is El Pullaso, which serves big portions of tender cuts of meat at bargain prices. It's so popular they've constructed a 2nd floor. Come wi…
Nicaraguan in Matagalpa

Maná de Cielo

The best-loved steam table in Matagalpa. Take your choice from dozens of options, including chorizo and eggs in the morning and perfectly caramelized grilled chicken at lunch. Whatever you pick, it's all top-notch.
Nicaraguan in Matagalpa

Rincón Don Chaco

A fresh-pressed, Formica diner with amazing batidos (fruit shakes made with milk or water). The pineapple and celery in orange juice is an instant classic, while the coconut in milk is also worth a try. There are al…
International in Estelí

Café Luz

Bored of Nica grub? Pop into this hip coffee house where the burritos and fajitas have some kick and the organic salads arrive on your table direct from the growers in Miraflor. The diverse menu includes many vegeta…
Steak in Estelí

Pullaso’s Ole

Named for an Argentine cut of beef (the pullaso), this sweet, family-owned grill serves beef, pork, chicken and chorizo on its front porch and in a quaint dining room crowded with racks of South American red.
Bakery in Estelí

Repostería Gutiérrez

A local institution that sells delicious cookies, cakes, donuts or local pastries stuffed with fruit and cream.