Top Choice Museum in Estelí

Galería de Héroes y Mártires

Be sure to stop by this moving gallery devoted to fallen revolutionaries, with displays of faded photos, clothes and weaponry. Check out the exhibit (with English signage) on Leonel Rugama, the warrior-poet whose la…
Top Choice Museum in Matagalpa

Casa Museo Comandante Carlos Fonseca

Commander Carlos Fonseca, the Sandinista equivalent of Malcolm X (read: bespectacled, goateed, intense, highly intelligent and charismatic), grew up desperately poor in this humble abode with his single mother and f…
Top Choice National Park in Somoto

Monumento Nacional Cañon de Somoto

The Coco (or Wangki), Central America’s longest river, runs all the way to the Caribbean, but its first impression may be its most spectacular. Gushing from underground, it has carved solid rock into this 3km-long g…
Top Choice Church in San Rafael del Norte

Templo Parroquial de San Rafael Arcángel

Beginning in 1955, the revered Father Odorico D’Andrea turned this antiquated cathedral into a labor of divine love. It’s impeccably restored, with a soaring interior flooded with light streaming through stained-gla…
Top Choice Religious Site in Jinotega

Cerro La Cruz

A steep yet worthwhile hour’s hike from the cemetery and embedded in a boulder-crusted ridge is the town cross, originally placed here in 1703 by Franciscan Fray Margíl de Jesús. The view of Jinotega and the layered…
Museum in Estelí

Museo de Historia y Arqueología

In a large, concrete, faux-indigenous pyramid on the north side of town, Estelí's museum has a small but interesting collection of pottery and petroglyphs from local pre-Hispanic cultures, as well as fossils of exti…
Museum in Matagalpa

Museo de Café

Recently overhauled, this absorbing museum features large, glossy, printed displays in Spanish and English on the roots of regional café and modern coffee production in the region, as well as old coffee processing m…
Notable Building in Estelí

Casa de Cultura Leonel Rugama

In the bullet-hole-marked former home of a high-ranking Somoza official, the Casa de Cultura offers a range of art, dance and music classes to locals (even as the building seemingly falls apart around them).
Museum in Ciudad Darío

Casa Natal Rubén Darío

Two blocks east of the Parque Central you’ll find the town’s primary roadside attraction, where Rubén Darío was born. Although the baby poet didn’t spend more than a few weeks in this sweet 19th-century adobe (this …
Museum in Chagüitillo

Museo Precolombino de Chagüitillo

This worthwhile museum has lots of Chorotegan pottery and an exhibit on local hero Domingo Sánchez Salgado (aka 'Chagüitillo'), one of the leaders of the early resistance against the Somozas. Museum staff can arrang…