Matagalpa restaurants

Top Choice International in Matagalpa


This fantastic arrival on Matagalpa's dining scene will be a godsend to travelers bored with typical nica cuisine, with curry and teriyaki-based dishes, bruschetta, bagels and artisanal beer topping the list of thin…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Matagalpa

Kiss Me

This fabulous little ice-cream parlor sets the tone with its pink screen doors, checkerboard floor and hipstery hanging lights. It may be serving a rather retro vibe, but the ice cream is all innovation, with flavor…
Steak in Matagalpa

El Pullazo

Matagalpinos love beef and it's no surprise that their steakhouse of choice is El Pullazo, which serves big portions of tender cuts of meat at bargain prices. It's so popular they've constructed a second floor. Come…
Mediterranean in Matagalpa

Gato Blanco

The White Cat has a rather dark and unappealing interior, but the tables in the little courtyard out front are far more inviting. The food here is varied and you can choose between daily specials, paella, pizza, cev…
Nicaraguan in Matagalpa


Part fritanga (grill), part Mexican diner, this hugely popular hybrid serves up impossibly tender BBQ beef, tangy chicken and ribs from the grill, as well as quality tacos, burritos and quesadillas.
Mexican in Matagalpa


This quasi-hipster joint serves up a delicious selection of simple Mexican dishes, including a damn fine burrito. The eponymous guacamole is also worth checking out.
Italian in Matagalpa

La Vita é Bella

This local institution serves up flavorful authentic Italian dishes at low prices in a relaxed bistro atmosphere. The thin-crust pizza is some of the best in town and the pasta dishes are also full of flavor. Vegeta…
Mexican in Matagalpa

El Mexicano

Enjoy cheap, authentic Mexican food prepared by the owner/chef from Guadalajara and served in a casual dining area. It comes out fairly tame but hot sauce is always available. The pleasant back yard makes for a more…
Steak in Matagalpa

La Pradera de San Francisco

Just a US$2 cab ride from the city center, this snazzy dining room is where Matagalpa’s business elite take their long lunch hour. You’ll be forgiven if you pass on the bull-testicle ceviche; just know that the sizz…
Nicaraguan in Matagalpa

Mana del Cielo

The best-loved steam table in Matagalpa. Take your pick from dozens of options, including chorizo and eggs in the morning and perfectly caramelized grilled chicken at lunch. Whatever your choice, it's all top-notch.