Top things to do in Managua

Top Choice Coffee in Managua

DeLaFinca Cafe

No self-respecting coffee connoisseur should miss out on visiting this altar to the coffee bean, whose owner comes from generations of coffee farmers and who has perfected viñedo – a novel coffee bean fermentation m…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Managua

Museo Arqueológico Huellas de Acahualinca

Discovered by miners in 1874, these fossilized tracks record the passage of perhaps 10 people – men, women and children – as well as birds, raccoons, deer and possum across the muddy shores of Lago de Managua some 6…
Top Choice Live Music in Managua

La Casa de los Mejía Godoy

Living legends Carlos and Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy, whose folk-music explorations into the heart of Nicaraguan culture have become church hymns and revolutionary standards since they first started laying down riffs …
Top Choice Peruvian in Managua

Terraza Peruana

Set on a cool front balcony overlooking a leafy side street, refined Terraza's authentic Peruvian menu takes you from coastal ceviches (marinated seafood) and tiraditos (Japanese-Peruvian raw fish), to high Andean c…
Top Choice Nicaraguan in Managua

Asados Doña Tania

Come evening, Managuans make their way to this fritanga temple where Doña Tania has perfected her craft over 20 years. There is only one thing worth ordering: strips of marinated meat, smoky and seared and bursting …
Top Choice Cathedral in Managua

Antigua Catedral

The hollow shell of Managua’s Old Cathedral remains Managua’s most poignant metaphor, shattered by the 1972 earthquake – and slowly undergoing restoration. Though its neoclassical facade is beautiful and serene, att…
Top Choice Steak in Managua

Don Cándido

All heavy wooden beams, exposed brick walls and contemporary art, this smart steakhouse means business. Choose from a sizable list of cuts of meat – from the beautifully grilled sirloin with crisped ribbons of fat, …
Top Choice Craft Beer in Managua

Estación Central

The pick of the neighborhood bars, hip and relaxed Estación Central is your first port of call for the best range of Nicaraguan craft beers, from the original Moropotente brews to Erdmann's, Pinolera, Campo and La P…
Top Choice Cigars in Managua

Nostalgia de Nicaragua Cigar

Step inside the humedor to choose from Nicaragua's finest cigars, hand-rolled in Mombacho and Estelí. Look out for Joya de Nicaragua, Padrón, AJ Fernández, Don Pepín García and other top brands. You can sample the w…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Managua

De Muerte Lenta

This diminutive ice-cream stall kills you softly with its 12 flavors of ice cream on a stick. It's some of the best ice cream you'll ever have; we're particularly partial to mint with brownie chunks.