Top things to do

Top Choice Cathedral in Managua

Antigua Catedral

The hollow shell of Managua’s Old Cathedral remains Managua’s most poignant metaphor, shattered by the 1972 earthquake – and, despite promises, never restored. Though still beautiful and serene, attended by stone an…
Gardens in Managua

Arboretum Nacional

These modest gardens, inconveniently located halfway between Barrio Martha Quezada and the Plaza Monumental on Av Bolívar (well, it’s convenient if you’re making the hot 40-minute walk between them), features more t…
Archaeological Site in Managua

Huellas de Acahualinca

Discovered by miners in 1874, these fossilized tracks record the passage of perhaps 10 people – men, women and children – as well as of birds, raccoons and deer across the muddy shores of Lago de Managua some 6000 y…
Books in Managua

Librería Hispamer

This bookstore on the edge of the UCA campus has a good selection of Nicaraguan and Latin American literature, history and poetry.
Mall in Managua


Upscale mall with restaurants, cinemas and a good food court.
Nicaraguan in Managua

Cafetín Mirna

Come here for a big breakfast with fluffy pancakes, fabulous fresh juices and a good lunch buffet, too – it's a local tradition.
French in Managua

La Marseillaise

The gold standard in Nicaraguan fine dining has tastefully art-bedecked walls, outstanding wine pairings and authentic French cuisine. Make reservations.
Nicaraguan in Managua

Doña Pilar

Doña Pilar’s been here for years, and this popular evening fritanga (sidewalk grill) is a neighborhood institution, both for its juicy, crispy BBQ chicken and the range of ever-so-slightly greasy tacos and enchilada…
Bakery in Managua

Cafetín Tonalli

If you’re jonesing for some pan integral (wholewheat bread), this simple bakery and cafe, run by a women’s co-op, is the place to be. The fresh-baked treats are also good to grab for a long bus ride out of town (it'…
Vegetarian in Managua


Enjoy freshly prepared vegetarian plates and a wide range of licuados (fruit and veggie juices and smoothies) on this spacious patio overlooking lush gardens. There's a lunch buffet from 11am to 3pm.