Religious in Managua

La Purísima

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated throughout Nicaragua, with festivities culminating on December 8. In Managua, the celebration is particularly colorful, with massive altars to the Virgin Mary set…
Religious in Managua

Festival de Santo Domingo de Guzman

Managua’s fiestas patronales (patron saint parties) feature a carnival, sporting events, hípicos (horse parades) and a procession of diablitos, which takes Santo Domingo to his country shrine at the Sierritas de Man…
Street Carnival in Managua

Carnaval Alegría por la Vida

The 'Joy for Life' festival is Managua’s version of Carnaval, featuring a lively parade of costumed performers, live music, food, dancing, and the crowning of a festival queen. There’s a different theme each year.
Cultural in Managua

Día de la Revolución

Thousands of red-and-black-flag-waving faithful pour into the streets during the Día de la Revolución (Day of the Revolution) to celebrate the Sandinista Revolution that overthrew the dictator Somoza in 1979.