Monument in Managua

Monumento a Rubén Darío

On the lake side of Plaza de la Revolución, this monument was refurbished after the original 1933 statue fell into graffitied disrepair. A group of artists did a guerrilla installation, veiling the city’s shame fro…
Historic Building in Managua

Palacio de la Cultura y Biblioteca Nacional

The 1930s-era Palacio de la Cultura (Palace of Culture) housed the National Congress until 1994. The historic building now houses the national museum and library.
Monument in Managua

Monumento Roosevelt

Acsending Loma de Tiscapa from Crowne Plaza, you'll pass Monumento Roosevelt, constructed in 1939 and offering lovely lake views. Today it's a memorial to those killed in the revolution.
Notable Building in Managua

Casa del Pueblo

This was rebuilt during the Alemán years with the help of the Taiwanese government as offices for the president, but is now home to the controversial Consejos de Poder Ciudadano (CPCs).
Landmark in Managua

La Vicky

The grocery store called 'La Vicky' doesn't stand here anymore, but locals still use it as a point of reference when giving directions.
Landmark in Managua

Star City

A former casino (now closed) and current landmark that locals use to give directions in the area.
Monument in Managua

Tomb of Carlos Fonseca

The tomb of Carlos Fonseca, founder of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN).
Landmark in Managua

Casa del Obrero

A downtown landmark originally dedicated to the Nicaraguan worker.
Landmark in Managua

Pharaoh's Casino

A landmark locals use to give directions in the neighborhood.
Monument in Managua

Estatua al Soldado

The monument to Nicaraguan soldiers dates from 1909.