Top Choice Port in Managua

Puerto Salvador Allende

Thanks to a recent (and much-needed) overhaul to Managua's previously barren port area, this breezy lakefront complex is now a destination for tourists and locals alike. With around 20 dining venues – ranging from c…
Top Choice Cathedral in Managua

Antigua Catedral

The hollow shell of Managua’s Old Cathedral remains Managua’s most poignant metaphor, shattered by the 1972 earthquake – and, despite promises, never restored. Though still beautiful and serene, attended by stone an…
Archaeological Site in Managua

Huellas de Acahualinca

Discovered by miners in 1874, these fossilized tracks record the passage of perhaps 10 people – men, women and children – as well as of birds, raccoons and deer across the muddy shores of Lago de Managua some 6000 y…
Museum in Managua

Museo Nacional

Inside the Palacio de la Cultura y Biblioteca Nacional is the national museum. The timeline starts only 500 million years ago, as Nicaragua is one of the newest places on earth, and takes visitors through the format…
Cathedral in Managua

Catedral Metropolitana

Just north of the Metrocentro mall is an unforgettable Managua landmark that's practically new (the doors opened in 1993). It's an architectural marvel that leaves most visitors, well, scratching their heads. It’s n…
Gardens in Managua

Arboretum Nacional

These modest gardens, inconveniently located halfway between Barrio Martha Quezada and the Plaza Monumental on Av Bolívar (well, it’s convenient if you’re making the hot 40-minute walk between them), features more t…
Park in Managua

Parque El Carmén

A couple of blocks from Martha Quezada’s concrete jungle, this surprisingly pretty park is a little slice of suburbia, with kids' riding bikes, a playground, and a kiosk selling snacks and cold drinks. The park is s…
Gallery in Managua

Códice Espacio Cultural

The best place to catch really cutting-edge contemporary art in Managua. Check the website for exhibition information.
Park in Managua

Parque Japonés

This not-particularly-Japanese park, nestled in the back blocks of the Metrocentro area, is a great place for a bit of time out. There are plenty of trees, some walking tracks and a couple of kids' playgrounds.
Park in Managua

Parque Las Palmas

A cute and shady little neighborhood park with the requisite benches, snack kiosks and even a laid-back bar in the middle.