Top things to do in Managua-El Rama Road

Top Choice Museum in Juigalpa

Museo Arqueológico Gregorio Aguilar Barea

Mystical stone statues rise like ancient totems in the courtyard entrance here. It houses the most important collection of stelae in the country, with more than 120 basalt statues carved between AD 800 and 1500, inc…
Nicaraguan in Juigalpa

Palo Solo

Set on a shady patio at the western edge of Palo Solo park, this restaurant serves up tasty Nicaraguan mixed grill plates. It's not exactly fine dining, but it's lively, the food is good and the view is fantastic.
Seafood in Puerto Díaz

El Pescadito

In a breezy ranch by the water, El Pescadito serves a terrific fried fish with panoramic lake views. The owner also arranges boat trips on the lake.
Christian Site in Cuapa

Virgen de Cuapa Santuario

Most visitors to Cuapa come with the purpose of making a pilgrimage to this porcelain statue holding flowers in her hands, located at the entrance to town. On April 15, 1980, when tailor Bernardo Martínez was walkin…
Archaeological Site in Villa Sandino

Parque Arqueológico Piedras Pintadas

Here you'll find hundreds of petroglyphs carved into the mossy boulders, including deer, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and spirals, set among rolling green hills. There are also large stones with carved channels, whic…
Nature Reserve in San José de los Remates

Reserva Hídrica Municipal La Chorrera

A community-run nature reserve designed to protect the town's water supplies, this innovative project has a number of hikes marked out, including the four-hour Ruta de los Chorros trail that takes you past three 50m…
Archaeological Site in Boaco

Sitio Arqueologico La Laguna

Around 10km from Boaco, this archaeological site is only just beginning to be investigated and features a number of petroglyphs in stones scattered around local farms. The site is off the Boaco–Camoapa road, near th…
Natural Feature in Cuapa

El Monolito de Cuapa

A massive stone monolith that rises from a hillside savanna outside Cuapa. If you walk from town, it will take about two hours to reach the peak. Alternatively, you could drive to the base and scramble up the back u…
International in Boaco

Kónoha Café

There's a jazz soundtrack, good coffee and a friendly owner at this great little spot just off the Parque Central. The menu is simple rather than anything particularly exciting, but features atypical treats such as …
Cave in Santa Lucia

Cueva Santo Domingo

A tough 4km hike from town, this cave is an old Sandinista stronghold with many petroglyphs left by the previous indigenous residents. It's not well signed, so it's a good idea to go with a guide, such as Helman Ren…