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Semana Santa

The Leónese Semana Santa is something special (and Nicaragua's liveliest!), with Barrio Subtiaba’s colorful sawdust ‘carpets,’ temporary and beautiful images that the funeral procession for Jesus walks over, and a s…
Religious in León

Día de la Purísima Concepción

Known simply as 'La Purísima' and observed throughout the country, this lively celebration of Nicaragua’s patron saint is the occasion for the La Gritería (a shouting ritual that honors the Virgin Mary), enjoyed her…
Cultural in León

Masacre del 23 Julio 1959

One afternoon in 1959, local schoolchildren staged a demonstration against Somoza. As they chanted ‘Freedom! Freedom!,’ the Guardia Nacional fired into the crowd, killing four students and wounding several others. T…
Cultural in León

Tertulias Leónesas

Every other Saturday, from early afternoon till midnight, the Parque Central comes alive for the Tertulias Leónesas, inviting everyone outside to eat, drink and dance to music played by local combos. Craft and food …
Religious in León

Día de la Virgen de Merced

León’s saint’s day is solemnly observed, but the preceding day is more festive: revelers don a bull-shaped armature lined with fireworks, then charge at panic-stricken onlookers as the rockets fly.
Cultural in León

Carnaval Mitos y Leyendas

This Halloween-esque fiesta features the papier-mâché crew from the Museo de Leyendas y Tradiciones on a parade from the cathedral to Barrio Subtiaba.
Religious in León

La Gritería Chiquita

This celebration began in 1947, as an erupting Cerro Negro threatened to bury the city in ashes. The volcano suddenly halted its activity after an innovative priest, Monseñor Isidro Augusto Oviedo, vowed to initiate…