Top Choice Museum in León

Galería de Héroes y Mártires

A homage to León’s more recent history is found at the Galería de Héroes y Mártires, run by mothers of FSLN veterans and fallen heroes.
Top Choice Museum in León

Museo de Arte Fundación Ortiz-Gurdián

Probably the finest museum of contemporary art in all of Central America, the Ortiz-Gurdián Collection has spilled over from its original home in Casa Don Norberto Ramiréz, refurbished in 2000 to its original Creole…
Church in León

Ermita de San Pedro

This church, two blocks east and one block south of San Juan Bautista, was constructed between 1706 and 1718. It's considered one of the best examples of primitive baroque style in Nicaragua, meaning that it’s almos…
Convent in León

Convent San Francisco

The 1639 Iglesia de San Francisco is one of the oldest in the city, a national heritage site with lots of gold, a gorgeous nave, and a rococo interior. It was abandoned between 1830 and 1881, then refurbished with t…
Museum in León

Museo Rubén Darío

Nicaragua's most famous poet, Rubén Dario, lived in this house for the first 14 years of his life – indeed, he started writing poetry right here at age 12. That first poem is on display here, as are various personal…
Museum in León

Museo de Arte Sacre

Call ahead to make sure this intriguing museum is open. You’ve probably noticed this neighborhood’s churches are in some disrepair, a situation that inspired locals to preserve the region’s absolutely beautiful 16th…
Church in León

Iglesia Zaragoza

For something completely different, swing by the ultra-Gothic 1884 Iglesia Zaragoza. There's an interesting mix of architectural styles here – it looks like a fortress and a fairy-tale castle all at once.
Museum in León

Museo Entomológico

For a truly comprehensive collection of creepy crawlies, butterflies, scorpions and other critters from all over Central America, drop into this museum. The specialty is Lucanidae, a genus of beetles whose males usu…
Museum in León

Museo Adiáct

This interesting little museum, which also houses the neighborhood’s government and present-day Casa Cultural de Subtiava, is a beautifully muraled building; you may need to ask that it be opened. You’re likely to g…
Church in León

Iglesia de la Recolección

Three blocks north of the cathedral, the 1786 Iglesia de la Recolección is considered the city’s most beautiful church, a Mexican-style baroque confection of swirling columns and bas-relief medallions that portray t…