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Park in Lago de Apanás

El Jaguar

Both coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers will be enamored with this fantastic private reserve with comfortable cabañas (dorm/room per person including three meals US$35/70) and family-friendly trails (read: nothing…
Village in Lago de Apanás


About a 20-minute drive further north from Sisle along the road that hugs the lakeshore, near the community of Yanque, you'll find the Comedor Norita, where you can ride horses, learn about local agriculture and vis…
Village in Lago de Apanás


On the northern lakeshore in the village of Sisle, local fisherfolk will take you out on boat tours to nearby islands, including Isla Ave (US$2) and Isla Conejo (US$5); departures are from the Malecón Turistica de S…