Caribbean Coast in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast is as poor as the country gets. Outside Bluefields and the Corn Islands you can expect dodgy infrastructure, frequent power cuts, nonexistent internet or cell coverage, and terrible roads.

  • Bring a flashlight (torch) and enjoy those occasional bucket showers.
  • Local agents for Colombian coke impresarios keep a fairly low profile, but the cocaine traffic in the region isn’t bloodless.
  • Tourists won’t have any problems with drug-related violence as long as they refrain from purchasing and consuming cocaine.
  • Given the poverty, even in seemingly innocuous small towns, stick to big-city rules: stay alert, don't wander far alone, take taxis at night and watch your valuables.

Drinking Water

Tap water on the Caribbean coast generally comes from wells or rainwater collection tanks and is usually untreated. Often it is potable, but it may also contain bacteria; bring water purification tablets if you don't want to take the risk. Bottled water is widely available and some hotels offer filtered water refills.