Top Choice Cafe in Jinotega

Jikao Cafe

This lovely new place gets it all just about right; friendly staff, hip decor, excellent coffee (yes, competition is stiff here) and a scrumptious menu that couldn't be further away from gallo pinto if it tried – en…
Top Choice Italian in Jinotega


This friendly Italian restaurant is filled with plants and decorated with maps and local handicrafts. Its menu includes good thin crust pizza and a range of tasty pastas, salads, meat grills and a range of excellent…
Bakery in Jinotega

La Casa de Don Colocho

A bakery every town would love. The cinnamon rolls are dense and sugary, the pan de leche is crispy on the outside and dense and moist inside, and the pineapple triangles are addictive – and those are just three of …
Nicaraguan in Jinotega

Soda El Tico

Soda El Tico is a classic steam-table buffet with steak, pork loin and grilled chicken served with a tasty salad bar. You can also order a variety of snacks and specialties from the menu.
Cafe in Jinotega

La Terraza

This cafe-restaurant above Soda El Tico feels just a tad too stylish for hard-working Jinotega with its attractive wrought-iron tables, big sofas, hanging lamps and huge glass windows. It has a full range of caffein…
Barbecue in Jinotega

Asados Gloria

A cheap fritanga (grill) with a difference: the stock-standard fluorescent lights and plastic chairs have been replaced with mood lighting and wooden furniture. The grilled meats are tasty and are served with real, …
Nicaraguan in Jinotega

Comedor Chevy

Jinotega's favorite cheap eats are found at this unpretentious steam-table buffet. Pounce on a vacant table and take your pick from beef, chicken and pork mains and all the usual sides. Tasty and filling.