Top ChoiceChurch in Isla Mancarrón

Nuestra Señora de Solentiname

Mancarrón's greatest human-made gift is Nuestra Señora de Solentiname, where populist priest Ernesto Cardenal ran a rather enlightened parish. Constructed by the community in 1979, it features a beautiful...

Village in Isla Mancarrón

El Refugio

The highest concentration of craft workshops on the islands are just inland from the dock in Comunidad El Mancarrón (also called El Refugio). Feel free to wander and watch as families carve balsa-wood figures in...

Museum in Isla Mancarrón

Museo Arqueológico

This fine museum up the hill from the church houses a small but intriguing collection of pre-Columbian metates, pottery and idols unearthed in the archipelago.