Larger towns and cities have lively drinking scenes and nightclubs – often located outside town on a highway heading to somewhere else. You'll find a cocktail and craft beer scene in Managua, San Juan del Sur, Granada and León. In more remote areas, the nighttime scene is considerably more laid-back, though you'll be able to find a cold Toña beer, or a cocktail made with national Flor de Caña rum.

Best Lists

Drinking & Nightlife

  • Estación Central Your one-stop shop for Nicaraguan craft beer in Managua.
  • Art Factory Arty venue serving great cocktails and Mediterranean dishes.
  • DeLaFinca Cafe A real treat for coffee lovers, with single origin, gourmet coffees prepared in a multitude of ways.

Cocktail Bars

  • Art Factory A great mix of art exhibits, signature cocktails and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Artesanos Sample excellent drinks at the coolest lounge bar in coffee country’s most cosmopolitan town.
  • Spanglish Craft Cocktail Bar Expert mixologists mix some of Managua's finest beverages.

Craft Beer

  • Estación Central Every craft beer in Nicaragua that you can think of, and international guest beers besides.
  • MamaYamna El Chante Knock back a Carreta Nagua or Tabu beer in psychedelic, arty surrounds.


  • DeLaFinca Cafe One for true coffee connoisseurs, with gourmet beans prepared any way you can think of.
  • Café Flor de Jinotega The best coffee in the Northern Highlands can be found at this delightful place.
  • Pan y Paz Grab an iced gourmet coffee at this lively French bakery.
  • Cafe Las Marias Superlative beans from all over the country, and great snacks to boot.