Nicaragua has almost unlimited opportunities for outdoor activities but few places to rent or buy equipment, so come prepared. Well-established sports include canoeing and kayaking, diving and snorkeling, hiking, fishing, and surfing. Sports with particular promise for development (once there’s money invested) include windsurfing, parasailing and kitesurfing.

Best Lists

Diving & Snorkeling



  • Playa Popoyo Friendly beach village and huge, hollow breaks.
  • Playa Aserradores One world-class wave, beach breaks and a cluster of all-inclusive surf retreats.
  • El Tránsito Excellent beach breaks, powerful swells and several great surf camps.
  • Las Peñitas Small, regular waves, perfect for beginners, and oodles of beach hostels.
  • Playa Yankee Powerful, fast point break for expert surfers only, south of San Juan del Sur.
  • Playa Maderas Home of one of the most popular beach breaks on the Pacific coast.