Top Choice Cafe in Granada

The Garden Café

This lovely cafe, set on a colonial-style patio around a gorgeous courtyard garden, offers great breakfasts, healthy sandwiches and salads, plus a daily special featuring a traditionally home-cooked Nicaraguan dish …
Steak in Granada

El Zaguán

Scoring consistent props for the best steak in town, this large yet somehow cozy restaurant just behind the cathedral specializes in locally sourced, melt-in-your-mouth steaks, flame-grilled before your eyes. Some s…
Fusion in Granada

El Tercer Ojo

Hip and lively, with silent movies projected on the wall at night, El Tercer Ojo (the Third Eye) is your go-to for sushi, Indian and Thai food. The expansive menu also features panini and salads, including several v…
Nicaraguan in Granada

Café de las Sonrisas

Practice your international communication at this nonprofit cafe run by staff who are hearing-impaired. It has a picture-gram menu, sign charts and basic, hearty and wholesome Nicaraguan fare.
Nicaraguan in Granada

Comidas Tipicas y Más

Typical Nicaraguan food on the main pedestrian street. Dishes here cost more than at your local comedor (basic eatery), but it has a sweet patio setting and the food is carefully prepared. Try the indio viejo (beef …
Tex-Mex in Granada

Taco Stop

Located inside the shell of a vintage movie theater, this fast-food-style taquería (taco stall) is casual but stylish. Grab a burrito to go, or sit down for a spicy Mexican stew and cold beer. The tortillas are made…
Nicaraguan in Granada

Cafetín El Volcán

You could come for the good-value set lunches (US$3), but pretty much everyone in town agrees that the real draw here are the quesillos (grilled corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and topped with pickled onions and …
Italian in Granada

El Pizzaiol

At this popular Italian trattoria, the food is pretty authentic – with a few regional variations – and the dessert list is to die for. The thin-crust pizza tops the menu, though you will do equally well with the sav…
International in Granada

Cafe de los Sueños

A few steps from the loudest stretch of Calle La Calzada, this adorable cafe and eatery does good salads, freshly grilled fish, and a few international dishes such as Mexican-style tacos and savory crepes.
Breakfast in Granada

Kathy’s Waffle House

Drop into Kathy's, a long-time breakfast institution for tourists and locals alike, for waffles, pancakes, bottomless coffee and great views of Convento San Francisco from the front porch.