While cycling in town might require nerves of steel, there are several mellow rides around town; many tour operators and some hostels rent bikes for around US$7 to $10 per day.

Car & Motorcycle

Nicaragua is (relatively) traffic-free, and decent roads around Granada make motorbiking an enjoyable way of getting around, particularly if you’re planning a day trip to the Laguna de Apoyo or a tour of the Pueblos Blancos. Ask at tour operators around town. Several accommodations rent scooters for around US$20 per day, as do Colonial Travel Granada.

It’s generally cheaper to rent cars in Managua, where your rental is probably parked right now – so be sure to allow a couple of hours for it to arrive. This region has good roads, and many attractions. Parking in Granada's narrow streets can be a nightmare.

Budget At the Shell station.

Dollar At Hotel Plaza Colón.


Taxis are plentiful. Always agree on a fare before getting into the taxi, which should be less than US$1 per person if you're getting into a shared taxi anywhere in the city.

It’s inexpensive and convenient to take taxis to other destinations, including Masaya and Laguna de Apoyo, keeping in mind that fares vary according to gas prices and your bargaining skills. You can always ask your hotel or hostel to call you a taxi and settle on a price before you're picked up.