Travel with Children

Granada’s a fairly kid-friendly city: wide footpaths, little traffic, a couple of pedestrian areas, a sizable Parque Central and a good number of highchair-equipped restaurants – some high-end hotels even have portable cribs. A couple of Granada’s must-dos are well suited to kids over the age of five – it would be a world-weary kid indeed who didn’t get a kick out of a tour of Las Isletas de Granada with a mixture of boat rides, swimming, monkeys and island lunches.

The old train station has a decent playground and an old steam engine out front. Older kids will enjoy the hiking trails through the cloudforest on Volcán Mombacho. Alternatively, take a Volcán Masaya night tour past glowing red lava before strapping on a helmet and headlamp and descending into a bat cave – the kids will love you forever.