Granada is not actually on the Interamericana (Pan-American Hwy), but instead is linked to the Costa Rican border and Managua by two spur roads. The town’s layout is a logical Spanish grid, centered on the cathedral and Parque Central. Calle La Calzada runs eastward from the park about 1km to Lago de Nicaragua and the ferry terminal. South of the dock, a lakefront park extends toward the docks where day cruises depart for Las Isletas.

Calle Real Xalteva is the principal road heading west of Parque Central, past three important churches to the old Spanish fortress. Calle Atravesada, one block west of Parque Central, is the main north–south artery. It connects the Mercado Municipal (close to the Rivas- and Masaya-bound buses) at the southern end of town with Parque Sandino, the old train station and the main highway to Managua, just north of the city.