Top Choice Church in Granada

Convento y Museo San Francisco

One of the oldest churches in Central America and the most striking building in Granada, Iglesia San Francisco boasts a robin's egg-blue birthday-cake facade and houses both an important convent and one of the best …
Top Choice Museum in Granada

Museo de Chocolate

Granada's new chocolate museum is excellent if you're traveling with children: the 'beans to bar' chocolate workshop, where participants learn to roast and grind cocoa beans, and mold their very own Nicaraguan choco…
Church in Granada

Iglesia La Merced

Perhaps the most beautiful church in the city, this landmark was built in 1534. Most come here for the spectacular views from the bell tower – especially picturesque at sunset.
Notable Building in Granada

Casa de los Leones & Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos

Founded in 1986 by Ernesto Cardenal, the Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos moved to elegant 1720 Casa de los Leones in 1992. At the entrance, a board lists special events: poetry readings, classical ballet, folklori…
Cemetery in Granada

Cementerio de Granada

Used between 1876 and 1922, this beautiful cemetery has lots of picturesque mausoleums and tombs, including those of six Nicaraguan presidents. Most people come to see the 1880 neoclassical stone Capilla de Animas (…
Fort in Granada

Fortaleza La Polvora

Originally called the Fortaleza de Armas when it was constructed in 1748, this lavishly turreted Spanish fortress still has the best views in town, over ancient, water-stained church domes all the way to Lago de Nic…
Cathedral in Granada

Catedral de Granada

The Cathedral of Granada, on the east side of the plaza, was originally built in 1583 but has been destroyed countless times since. This most recent version, built in 1915, has four chapels; a dozen stained-glass pa…
Museum in Granada

Mi Museo

This museum displays a private collection of ceramics dating from at least 2000 BC to the present. Hundreds of beautifully crafted pieces were chosen with as much an eye for their artistic merit as their archaeologi…
Church in Granada

La Capilla María Auxiliadora

The gorgeous little church La Capilla María Auxiliadora is worth a look for its beautiful pastel interior.
Church in Granada

Iglesia de Xalteva

The dilapidated but attractive 19th-century church that houses La Virgen de la Asunción.