Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Estelí

Galería de Héroes y Mártires

Be sure to stop by this moving gallery devoted to fallen revolutionaries, with displays of faded photos, clothes and weaponry. Check out the exhibit (with English signage) on Leonel Rugama, the warrior-poet whose la…
Top Choice Bar in Estelí

Semaforo’s Ranchon Bar

Get down with the good working people of Estelí, Tisey and Miraflor at a proper ranchero bar. This indoor/outdoor club with the palapa (thatched) roof and bandstand brings terrific live music to a crowd that's here …
Nicaraguan in Estelí

El Quesito

Pull up a handmade wooden chair at this rustic corner diner and enjoy homemade yogurt flavored with local fruits, quesillos and leche agria (sour milk) – yes, what most of us pour down the sink is a delicacy in Nica…
Nicaraguan in Estelí

Restaurante Tipiscayán

The family of San Juan de Limay soapstone sculptor Freddy Moreno serves good-quality traditional fare, including great quesadillas and Nica-style tacos in an elegant space full of art. Also serves good coffee and tr…
International in Estelí

Café Luz

Bored of Nica grub? Pop into this hip coffee house where the burritos and fajitas have some kick and the organic salads arrive on your table direct from the growers in Miraflor. The diverse menu includes many vegeta…
Nicaraguan in Estelí

Buffet Castillo

Often packed at lunchtime, this spacious diner offers up restaurant-quality meals, including ribs, fried fish and jalapeño chicken, at a budget price. The original branch across the road is still open if you can't f…
Steak in Estelí

Pullaso’s Ole

Named for an Argentine cut of beef (the pullaso), this sweet, family-owned grill serves beef, pork, chicken and chorizo on its front porch and in a quaint dining room crowded with racks of South American red.
Cuban in Estelí

Rincón Pinareño

A tasty Cuban diner with a lovely 2nd-floor veranda serving deliciously messy pressed sandwiches, tasty smoked chicken, pork chops and ribs. Also a popular spot for dessert.
Cafe in Estelí

Cafe Don Luis

This corner cafe on the main drag is the preferred destination for Estelianos to gossip with friends and watch the comings and goings. The java is pretty good but the real reason to visit is for the fascinating wind…
Bar in Estelí

Hard Bar

On the highway a few blocks from the park, this second-floor bar is the most popular late-night option in town. It has a wide balcony overlooking the street, which makes it a more laid-back choice than the enclosed …