Top Choice Live Music in Managua

La Casa de los Mejía Godoy

Living legends Carlos and Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy, whose folk-music explorations into the heart of Nicaraguan culture have become church hymns and revolutionary standards since they first started laying down riffs …
Top Choice Performing Arts in León

Teatro Municipal José de la Cruz Mena

Check the board in front of this attractive 1885 theater to see what’s on here and around town during your visit. It’s been impressively restored, and for less than US$3 you may be able to catch anything from Salvad…
Cultural Center in Matagalpa

Centro Cultural Guanuca

Run by a nonprofit women’s organization, this great venue shows art-house movies and hosts concerts and live events ranging from theater to dance competitions.
Live Music in Managua

Ruta Maya

Look around for flyers (or check the website) for happenings at this thatch-roofed venue. You get everything from Bee Gees cover bands to Caribbean palo de mayo (Afro-Caribbean dance music) to son nicaragüense (trad…
Spectator Sport in Juigalpa

Plaza Taurina Chontales

Locals descend on this arena outside town on the road to La Libertad during the Fiestas Patronales and on Sundays for beer-fueled rodeo events, where the drunks usually end up inside the ring. Bulls are ridden and a…
Theater in Managua

Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío

One of the few Managua buildings to survive the 1972 earthquake, this groovy theater often has big-name international offerings on the main stage. It’s worth trying to catch some experimental jazz or performance art…
Live Music in Managua

Bar Art Café

Always worth a look, this bohemian little space in front of Parque Las Palmas hosts poetry and open-mic nights on Wednesday, electronica DJs on Thursday and other underground-type events the rest of the week.
Stadium in Rivas

Baseball Stadium

This stadium, just south of town on the Panamericana (Pan-American Hwy), hosts one of the most competitive leagues in Nicaragua.
Baseball in Great Corn Island

Estadio Municipal Karen Tucker

This large, well-manicured ballpark with cinderblock walls hosts regular games on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.
Performing Arts in León

Alianza Francesa

Often screens art-house movies in French and Spanish and sponsors concerts. Drop in for its monthly program.